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Authorizing your account

To link your RingCentral account with MPCRM, follow these steps.

  1. Go to your Settings page.

  2. Find and click the "VoIP Phone" tab.

  3. When you see the RingCentral section click "Connect your account".

  4. This will take you to a RingCentral authentication page where you can enter in your RingCentral credentials.

  5. Once authenticated your account will be synced


  • How does this work?

    • MPCRM will pull your call logs, call recordings, and SMS records from RingCentral every 30 minutes and match them to the corresponding profiles in the CRM.

  • How do I view my RingCentral Calls and SMS?

    • These logs can be found on a per-client/prospect profile in the notes section.

      1. Use the search bar to select a client or prospect

      2. Click the Notes (Pencil Icon) in the left navigation

      3. Click SMS Log under the Logs widget.