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Set up

To enable access to Connecture from the CRM it is important that you set up your environment correctly. This guide will help you do that.

  1. Navigate to your "Agency Platform"

  2. Click your initials or profile picture at the top right and click "Agency Settings"

  3. Once you are in your Agency Settings page, click the "Enrollment" tab.

  4. You should see a section dedicated to Connecture and a blue button to set things up, click this.

  5. A modal will pop-up and ask you for the following information.

    1. SAML URL

    2. Relay State URL

    3. Application Name

    4. Client ID

    5. Partner ID

    6. API Key

    7. API Secret

  6. Fill this data out and click save.

Sweet, your environment is now set up. Next you will need to enable access for downline agents.